Bring home Hinghwa crafts and specialties

Attendees can embrace the rich heritage and craftsmanship with a variety of crafts and specialties that are available for purchase at the festival. The festival will feature esteemed brands including San Fu Classical Furniture (三福家具), Four Nobles Classical Furniture (四君子), and Tian Zong (天纵), which offer high-quality classical furniture made with timbre sourced from Fujian. The beauty of Hinghwa culture is also reflected in the handicrafts and jewellery from 华昌珠宝, and arts and crafts from 莆作. From hand-carved furnishings to delicate jewellery and intricate artworks, festival-goers can appreciate the exquisiteness of Hinghwa craftsmanship.


There will also be an array of dried foods of famous produce from Putian, allowing visitors to bring home a taste of Putian to be enjoyed in the comfort of their homes. These include dried longans, a variety of tea to refresh the senses, Pei Pa Koa, also known as loquat paste, as well as preserved kelp.

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