Delight in rich and vibrant performances by Chinese and local artistes

Captivating and colourful performances by local and Chinese artistes await visitors at the festival. Flying in specially to perform in Singapore, are the Putian Southern Temple Shaolin Monks and the Puxian opera troupe from the reputable Puxian Opera Theatre (福建省莆仙戏剧院).

The Putian Southern Temple Shaolin Monks, whose roots date back to over a thousand years, will put up action-packed and adrenaline-charged martial arts performances. Having performed in various countries, including Australia, Japan, India, and Spain, these monks are set to captivate audiences with their awe-inspiring martial arts skills.

Another key highlight is the Puxian opera, a long-lasting art form with historical roots in the Tang and Song dynasties. The art form has gained widespread recognition across China, following the debut performance of《踏伞行》 (Ta San Xing), a Puxian opera, during the prestigious Spring Festival Gala 2023. Audiences can expect to catch an excerpt of《踏伞行》put up by the very same performers, Wu Qing Hua (吴清华) and Huang Yan Yan (黄艳艳), who performed on the Spring Festival Gala 2023. Huang Yan Yan is a renowned performer who clinched the distinguished Plum Performance Award for her performance in《踏伞行》. There will also be performances of other well-known Puxian operas such as《春草闯堂·抬轿》by actors from the Puxian Opera Theatre.

折子戏名角 - 吴清华
折子戏名角- 黄艳艳

Other acts from China include:

  • Huang Feng Rong (黄凤荣), a visual performing artist hailing from Fujian, China, who does live painting, will showcase his unique performance at the Hinghwa Food & Cultural Festival. He has appeared on multiple nation-wide programmes on television such as China’s Got Talent.
  • Established calligraphers, Zhu Wenhong (朱文洪) and Huang Jiafang (黄加芳), who will showcase their expertise in Chinese calligraphy.

In addition to overseas performances, local singers of Hinghwa descent Joanna Dong (董姿彦) and Nathan Hartono (向洋), who both gained fame through Sing! China, will also be expected to enchant the audience with their hit songs during the opening day of the festival.

Other fringe performances include musical performances by the Singapore Putian Traditional Music (新加坡莆田十音八乐). The Puxian opera, Southern Temple Shaolin Monks and 新加坡莆田十音八乐 will be performed daily.

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