About Us

Familiar hometown dialect, bridging the distance;

Melody of hometown emotions, connecting our soul.


New Beginning


For those who come from the same roots, strolling through the familiar streets of a shared city can evoke a peculiar sense of solitude, even amidst the exuberance of their hearts. The body, tirelessly pressing forward, craves a comforting companionship. In these moments, thoughts naturally turn to the clouds of hometown skies, the faces left behind, childhood memories, the rollercoaster of growing up, and, above all, the presence of our parents.

The authentic tones of a hometown accent and the heartfelt emotions of village life leave an enduring imprint on the hearts of each of us living far from home. Regardless of whether you've achieved triumphs or are still navigating the hustle for a livelihood, the shared bonds and the sentiment rooted in your hometown persistently unite us. Away from our homeland, beneath the same sky, we understand the struggles of being away and cherish the ties that bind us. Despite diverse journeys, we share common aspirations, beliefs, life experiences, and a longing for the familiarity of our hometowns.

Today, let's come together in joy, hand in hand, heart to heart, celebrating the unity of our shared heritage. It's a celebration for a promising tomorrow and for having a community of like-minded individuals in the heart of a new city.


Our Objective

The aim of the association is to promote networking and business connections among its members, to assist them in integrating better into Singaporean society. Subsequently, members are encouraged to contribute back to Singapore, fostering cooperation in the areas of economy, technology, culture, and education between Singapore and its members. Additionally, the association seeks to promote racial harmony and social cohesion in Singapore.


Our Vision

Unite the wisdom, strength, and shared values of our fellow members to uphold the virtues of Ma Zu culture, emphasizing "uprightness, kindness, and boundless love." Embrace the spirit of Puxian, characterized by essence, diligence, simplicity, and filial piety.

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