Performers at Hinghwa Food & Cultural Festival

Acts from China
Southern Shaolin Temple Monks 南少林寺武僧团

Located in Putian Fujian, China, the history of Southern Shaolin Temple can be traced back over a century ago. Since its restoration, the temple has been actively promoting martial arts through its monks. Having performed in countries such as Australia, Japan, India, New Zealand, and Spain, the monks have captivated global audiences with their skills and fluid, graceful movements.

Puxian Opera Theatre 福建省莆仙戏剧院  

Established in 2011, the Puxian Opera Theatre preserve and promote the traditional art of Puxian opera. The troupe boasts a strong lineup of highly-skilled and versatile performers, and has received nation-wide recognition in China. Their artistes have also been recognised and clinched multiple accolades over the years.

Contemporary Painting 黄凤荣演画

Huang Feng Rong 黄凤荣 is renowned for his unique art style, seamlessly combining painting and performance. His innovative approach integrates the worlds of painting and performance art in China, transforming the act of painting into an art form itself. He has been invited to France, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and the United States to showcase his creative artistry. He has also won many awards, including the Shenzhen International Art Fair in 2013 and 2016.


●      Zhu Wenhong 朱文洪, a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and president of the Mazu Calligraphy and Painting Academy. He has also clinched the third prize for his calligraphy work at the Fifth Maritime Silk Road International Arts Festival.

●      Huang Jiafang 黄加芳, is a member of the Chinese Calligraphers Association and the secretary-general of the Putian Calligraphers Association. In addition to creating Chinese calligraphy works, he is also an active researcher of Chinese calligraphy.

Acts from Singapore
Joanna Dong 董姿彦

Joanna Dong, a jazz vocalist, actress and host, has an ability to connect with diverse audiences. Unaffected by trends or popularity, Joanna delivers her best work by following her heart. Her debut on Sing! China in 2017 - a jazz-infused rendition of a 90s Chinese classic - captivated audiences with its warmth, flair, and finesse, showcasing her deliberate craftsmanship. For her, the joy of performing lies in storytelling, a moment of pure immersion. With mesmerising ease, Joanna enchants audiences, driven by her passion for her craft.

Nathan Hartono 向洋

Nathan Hartono is a bilingual Singaporean singer-songwriter-actor with multifaceted artistic pursuits. Since his debut in 2006, Nathan has released music in both English and Mandarin, starred in a feature film, clinched the runner-up accolade at the 2016 Sing! China competition, and captivated the hearts of audiences across Asia and beyond with his soulful and charismatic performances.

Pan Ying 潘盈

Pan Ying has been contributing to Xinyao since 1983. As a full-time singer, she released six solo albums between 1989 and 1994. To date, she remains a respectable figure in the local Chinese music scene, judging at singing competitions and performing at Xinyao concerts.

Huang Xiu Ling 黄秀玲

Huang Xiu Ling is a veteran news anchor with the local broadcaster, Mediacorp.

Lin Huang Anqi 林黄安琪

Lin Huang Anqi - guest performer.

Singapore Putian Traditional Music 新加坡莆田十音八乐

The Singapore Putian Traditional Music was formed in 2019 with the aim of promoting Putian’s traditional folk music. Shiyin Bayue (十音八乐), also called Puxian Shiyin Bayue (莆仙十音八乐), is a genre of traditional ensemble music featuring a wide variety of wind, string, and percussion instruments from Putian (莆田市). This genre features instrumental music, vocal performances, and a fusion of artistry involving the mastery of ten different musical instruments.

YWENNA and her band ‘Tokyo Blue’

Ywenna is a highly accomplished performer and composer, undertaking the roles of a jazz pianist and a soulful vocalist. Ywenna's versatility is shown through a diverse repertoire that includes jazz, pop, rock, soul, funk and more. Her multilingualism, adept musical skills and charismatic presence allows her to connect with audiences from various cultures and walks of life.

Link to Ywenna Great Gatsby Showreel:

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