Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network meticulously plans the Hinghwa Hometown Tour

Original Post - 19 Sep 2023

"Boss Fang, when are you going to organize a tour to Putian? We'll all follow you."

This is a phrase that Fang Zhizhong, the President of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network and the founder of a Putien restaurant, has been hearing for years.

Because of running the restaurant, Fang Zhizhong has become acquainted with many second and third-generation Hinghwa people who often accompany their elders to eat hometown dishes. They enjoy Hinghwa cuisine and have developed a strong interest in their ancestral homeland of Putian. They hope that Boss Fang can take them there to see what the places where their parents, grandparents grew up and lived are like.


Since the inaugural board meeting of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network two years ago, the association has organized several activities to strengthen ties among fellow villagers and pass on the traditional culture of Hinghwa people. However, due to the border closures caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, President Fang's plan to lead the second and third-generation Hinghwa people on a trip to their hometown of Putian has yet to be realized. After three years, as the pandemic finally subsides and people around the world resume their travels, the long-awaited trip for Hinghwa fellow villagers to visit Putian, taste its delicacies, reunite with relatives, and trace their roots is finally becoming a reality. The Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network has collaborated with the Chan Brothers Travel Agency to plan meticulously for months. President Fang has carefully planned the itinerary and will lead the "Hinghwa Hometown Tour" in November this year, coinciding with the school holidays.
As the trip to Putian approaches, Fang Zhizhong can hardly contain his excitement and hopes that fellow villagers will enthusiastically participate and join him. He said, "Putian has undergone tremendous changes in recent years, and its urban landscape has been completely renewed. It has become a very modern city, with infrastructure and development in all aspects on track. The municipal government has also done an excellent job in preserving historical sites and traditional culture. It's time for fellow villagers, especially the younger generation of Hinghwa people, to go there and see for themselves. They will definitely have a different experience and gain a lot.
Explore the historical and cultural heritage of Hinghwa, admire the magnificent natural landscapes of Putian, and experience the unique craftsmanship of traditional and distinctive handicrafts on the "Hinghwa Hometown Tour," with accommodation provided in five-star hotels throughout the journey. This will also be a gastronomic journey, with restaurants and food carefully selected and curated by Putian native and restaurant owner Fang Zhizhong, bringing the best to everyone.
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