‘Economic and Trade Development Dialogue’ and the ‘Board of Directors Inauguration Ceremony’

Original Post -  9 Mar 2021

"The successful holding of the 'China-Singapore High-Quality Economic and Trade Development Dialogue' and the 'Inaugural Board of Directors Inauguration Ceremony of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network'

新加坡莆仙同乡联合会于2021 年2月28日在新加坡文华大酒店举办的“新中经贸高质量发展对话”暨”首届理事就职仪式”圆满成功举办。

This conference had the honor of hosting Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Foreign Affairs of  Singapore, as the guest of honor. His Excellency Hong Xiaoyong, the Ambassador of China to Singapore, was also a distinguished guest. The Inaugural Board of Directors Inauguration Ceremony was witnessed by Dr. Li Wenzheng, Honorary Chairman of the Association and Chairman of Lippo Group, Mr. Chen Jianghe, Chairman of Golden Eagle Group, as well as Mr. Tan Yee Fok, President of the Singapore Clan Association."


The inaugural board of directors boasts a diverse and talented lineup, with members hailing from various industries such as catering, equipment, higher education, finance and insurance, high technology, real estate and construction, health and beauty, and film and media. Notable members of the board include Mr. Fang Zhizhong, Chairman of Putien Restaurant Group, Mr. Zhou Jiameng, President of Tung Lok Group, Mr. Lin Xiangyang, General Manager of China Life Singapore, Mr. Wu Guoliang, Vice Chairman of Asia Digital Bank, Mr. Cai Huiming, General Manager of China UnionPay Southeast Asia, Professor Wu Wei, Founding Dean of Nanyang Public Administration College of Nanjing University, and Dr. Chen Jianping, Chief Expert of Big Data Analysis for Intelligent Manufacturing in the Asia-Pacific region. Despite their busy schedules and the magnitude of the responsibilities entrusted to them by the members, the board willingly undertakes the challenge, wholeheartedly contributing their efforts for the Association.

Looking back on the founding journey over the past four years, President Fang Zhizhong eloquently shared, "With the longstanding friendly relations between China and Singapore, the Putian people who have come to Singapore for development and rooted themselves here have increased. Among them are elites from various fields who have created brilliant careers locally. Based on this, I decided to establish the Singapore Putian Hometown Association, creating a platform of hometown sentiment, networking, cooperation, and development for both those who have already rooted themselves locally and those who have just arrived for development."After meticulous planning and preparation spanning three years and ten months, the Singapore Putian Hometown Association received approval from the Singapore Registry of Societies on December 19, 2019. Throughout the process, drawing on the valuable experiences of numerous associations and chambers and with the support of many dedicated individuals, I express heartfelt thanks on behalf of the advisory board and the board of directors.

President Fang also shared the vision and mission of the association, stating, "We will adapt to the continuous and close economic and trade exchanges between China and Singapore, strengthen cultural, economic, and technological exchanges between China, Singapore, and Putian, and create a mutually beneficial platform. We aim to foster friendship, harmonious development of associations, and make a significant contribution to the high-quality development of China-Singapore economic and trade relations.


President Fang Zhizhong highlighted the establishment of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network amidst the global pandemic. He introduced the "China-Singapore High-Quality Economic and Trade Development Dialogue" as a response to unprecedented challenges, aiming to contribute innovative solutions for bilateral economic recovery. The dialogue received significant attention, with Singapore's Foreign Minister, Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan, delivering a keynote speech, emphasizing mutual learning, prioritizing quality development, and fostering inclusivity for high-quality economic and trade relations.


“The "China-Singapore High-Quality Economic and Trade Development Dialogue," hosted by Professor Wu Wei, Executive President of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network and Founding Dean of the Nanyang Public Administration College at Nanyang Technological University, featured insights from prominent entrepreneurs Li Wenzheng, Chairman of Lippo Group, and Lin Zheyin, Vice Chairman of SF Holding. The dialogue received congratulatory messages from various organizations globally, including government entities, overseas Chinese associations, and business leaders from countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, Mongolia, the United States, and more. Hundreds of letters expressing congratulations and support were received from these diverse groups.




Signing Ceremony

Distinguished Award

↑ 维文医生代表莆仙会为吴伟教授颁发杰出人士奖
↑ 维文医生代表莆仙会为陈奕福会长颁发杰出人士奖
↑ 维文医生代表莆仙会为林哲莹先生颁发杰出人士奖

Inauguration Ceremony

↑新加坡标新局副局长 陈德钧先生(左)
↑新加坡国立大学 丁荷生教授(左)
↑全民牙医集团有限公司创办人 黄震宵先生(右)
↑中铁亚太投资有限公司董事长 林志曾先生(右)
↑ 厦门市莆田商会执行会长 唐壮青先生(右)
↑ 丰树集团首席企业官 温广荣先生(左)
↑ 联合早报执行编辑 杨瑞锋先生(右)
↑福建西湖实业有限公司 张志建先生(右)
↑同乐集团董事主席兼总裁 周家萌先生(右)
↑中国人寿新加坡公司总经理 林向阳先生(右)
↑中国银联东南亚总经理 蔡辉明先生(右)
↑睿符品牌集团董事 陈建新先生(右)
↑新加坡成亿私人有限公司董事长 陈金勇先生(右)
↑G.Spa美容中心创始人 陈敬文先生(右)
↑世纪餐饮董事 陈静先生(右)
↑亚洲数码银行副董事长 吴国樑先生(右)
↑益通铝业工程创始人 陈立新先生(右)
↑莆田新加坡区总经理 萧良融先生(右)
↑友邦保险经纪顾问 陈琼花女士(右)
↑玩具品牌创始人 关琼林先生(右)
↑黄进远先生(右) 自由媒体人
↑SEA房地产经济顾问 黄卫红先生(右)
↑基华机器私人有限公司董事 黄勇先生(右)
↑PropNex房地产经济顾问 蔡爱娥女士(左)
↑室内设计公司创始人 李建柱先生(右)
↑卓越私人有限公司执行董事 李庆瑞先生(右)
↑萧成林工程私人有限公司创始人 林朝煌先生(右)
↑国晟建筑私人有限公司创始人 林国兵先生(右)
↑好来发建筑私人有限公司创始人 林万华先生(右)
↑辉达建筑私人有限公司创始人 王良鹏先生(右)

Photo Session

The Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network was established on December 19, 2019, with the aim of fostering unity and harmony among the Puxian community in Singapore. The association is dedicated to promoting friendly exchanges between the Puxian diaspora in Singapore and worldwide, preserving Puxian culture, and upholding the spirit of Puxian merchants. Additionally, it actively expands networking and business connections among its members, especially assisting newcomers to integrate into Singaporean society more rapidly. The association strives to contribute to Singapore and facilitate collaboration between its members and various sectors in Singapore, including the economy, technology, culture, and education, creating a mutually beneficial platform for cooperation.。
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