Weathering storms together

Original Post - 5 August 2020

Through thick and thin! We stay united!"

At the onset of the COVID-19 outbreak in China before the Lunar New Year, the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network was established. Founded by Mr. Fang Zhizhong, the founder of the Singapore Putien Restaurant Group, on December 19, 2019, the association responded urgently in January 2020 to the medical supply shortage in China. Fang Zhizhong, Liu Yulin, Zhang Zhijian, Chen Jinyong, Huang Yong, and other Puxian natives actively initiated donations of epidemic prevention materials and funds to aid their fellow Chinese citizens in China. The response from Puxian hometown members in Singapore was enthusiastic, resulting in the swift collection of over 200,000 SGD and essential supplies in a matter of days. The association gathered 141 like-minded members, demonstrating solidarity to benefit and develop the welfare of hometown fellows in Singapore and assist new immigrants in integrating into Singaporean society.

In March, as the COVID-19 situation escalated in Singapore, the Putian Municipal People's Government, through the Overseas Friendship Association of Putian City and the Footwear Association of Putian City, extended assistance to Puxian overseas compatriots. In a gesture of great compassion, 100,000 masks were sent to Singapore starting on April 23 to inspire unity and aid fellow Puxian compatriots, various associations, and the broader community in overcoming the pandemic. Despite flight disruptions and logistical challenges, the supplies persevered, reaching Singapore after a challenging journey through Kuala Lumpur.

n early April, as the situation intensified and masks became scarce, the founders of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network, Fang Zhizhong, Zhang Zhijian, and Huang Yong, promptly donated 20,000 disposable masks to members, fellow townsmen, and vulnerable groups in need.

In May, after various challenges, the 100,000 masks from China arrived in Singapore. The Association, deciding to prioritize hometown members and various local groups, distributed the masks to every hometown member, Puxian community organization, and vulnerable group in Singapore. Additionally, donations were made to the Singapore Red Cross, the headquarters of the Thye Hua Kwan Moral Society, and the Singapore Community Club.


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