High-quality development business negotiation meeting

Original Post - 12 Apr 2023

Group photo of the Council Members of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network with the Economic and Trade Delegation from Putian City

The Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network held a high-quality development business negotiation meeting aimed at strengthening economic cooperation between Singaporean entrepreneurs and the economic and trade sectors of Putian, China. The event took place successfully on February 16th at the Furama RiverFront Hotel in Singapore, attracting over a hundred business leaders and community leaders from both regions who actively participated in discussions and exchanges, creating a grand atmosphere.The Putian Municipal Government attaches great importance to economic cooperation with Singapore. Mr. Fu Chaoyang, the Secretary of the Putian Municipal Party Committee, personally led a delegation of more than 20 high-level government officials and entrepreneurs to participate in the negotiations. Many prominent figures from Putian's business community were part of this delegation. The Singaporean entrepreneurs attending the event represented various sectors including finance, technology, construction, manufacturing, services, hospitality, and more.

▲Speech by Mr. Fang Zhizhong, President of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network

Regarding the purpose of organizing this event, Mr. Fang Zhizhong, President of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network, stated that the association is dedicated to connecting Putian compatriots in Singapore, fostering friendship among Putian entrepreneurs, promoting Hinghwa culture, bridging the connection with their hometown, and encouraging overseas Chinese to invest and start businesses back in Putian. He believes that through this high-quality development business negotiation meeting, local businesses can better understand the direction, policies, and strategies of development in Putian, thereby enhancing mutual understanding and confidence.


Speech by Mr. Fu Chaoyang, Secretary of the Putian Municipal Party Committee

During his address, Mr. Fu Chaoyang expressed his gratitude and admiration for the vibrant energy of Singapore and the remarkable performance of Putian entrepreneurs. He praised the spirit of Putian entrepreneurs as resilient, persevering, wise, hardworking, and inclusive. Mr. Fu invited Putian compatriots to visit their hometown more often, contribute to the construction of a green and high-quality hometown, integrate into a broader cycle with a higher perspective, promote the upgrading of hometown industries, and work together towards a better future.


Speech by Mr. Hong Jie, Chairman of Sanqu Paint Co., Ltd

Mr. Fang Zhizhong, President of the association, issued several proposals to Singaporean entrepreneurs and compatriots from Putian, including frequent visits to their hometown, active participation in high-quality development projects in Putian, greater support for green environmental construction in Putian, and involvement in the "education, health, and livelihood projects" benefiting the people. He also mentioned leveraging Singapore's regional advantage to facilitate overseas Putian enterprises and provide assistance to Putian compatriots coming to Singapore, supporting Putian's efforts to expand its openness.

Speech by Mr. Chen Wenbiao, Chairman of Shuangchi Industry Co., Ltd.

President Fang Zhizhong stated that this year marks the 40th anniversary of Putian's establishment as a city and the beginning of its journey towards green and high-quality development. Singaporean Putian entrepreneurs and compatriots will enthusiastically participate in the high-quality development of their hometown. Meanwhile, the association will also support Singaporean enterprises in investing and developing in Putian.

He believes that against the backdrop of close cooperation between Singapore and China, high-quality development projects in Putian will provide rare opportunities for the business development of Singaporean enterprises. The Singapore Putian Association plans to organize a visit to Putian in the middle of this year, and President Fang Zhizhong invites local Putian entrepreneurs and compatriots in Singapore to actively participate, visit their hometown, and experience the development and changes in Putian firsthand.

Speech by Mr. Fang Huayu, Chairman of Huafeng Huajin Co., Ltd.

The Putian Economic and Trade Delegation led by Secretary Fu Chaoyang arrived in Singapore on February 13th after concluding their visit to Indonesia, commencing a compact four-day visit. Accompanying officials included Mr. Huang Zhenyao, Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department; Mr. Wu Wen'en, Secretary of the Xianyou County Party Committee; Mr. Zhang Fuqing, Secretary of the Licheng District Party Committee; Ms. Lin Liying, Director of the Commerce Bureau; as well as over 10 top executives and senior management personnel from well-known Putian enterprises.

The day after their arrival, the delegation visited the Putian Association, Xing'an Tianhou Palace, Licheng Club, Xing'an Association, Puzhong Gaoping Association, and the Singapore Putian Association, and had lunch at an old restaurant in the Putian Cuisine District to exchange ideas with compatriots from Putian. During the lunch, Secretary Fu Chaoyang spoke about the three main purposes of the delegation's visit: a trip of nostalgia, a learning journey, and a journey of cooperation. He introduced outstanding developments in Putian's economy and emphasized the invaluable role of private entrepreneurs as precious resources. He welcomed Singaporean Putian entrepreneurs to collaborate with Putian and contribute to its development by visiting their hometown more frequently, investing, and achieving mutual success.

Exchange of commemorative gifts between Mr. Fu Chaoyang, Secretary of the Putian Municipal Party Committee, Executive President Wu Wei, President Fang Zhizhong, Vice President Zhou Jiameng, and Vice President Zhang Zhijian
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