Launch of the ‘Puxian Figures in Nanyang – Singapore Volume’

Original Post - 30 Dec 2021

"Figures of Puxian - Singapore Volume" and "The History and Culture of Xinghua" - successfully held

The Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network successfully held the launch ceremony of "Nanyang Puxian Figures - Singapore Volume" and a seminar on the history and culture of Xinghua at the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on December 19, 2021.

Arrival of Minister Chee Hong Tat and President Fang Zhizhong

President Fang's speech

The event welcomed Minister Chee Hong Tat and President Fang Zhizhong as honored guests, with Mayor Denise Phua attending as a specially invited guest. Dr. Li Wenzheng, Honorary Chairman of the Association and Chairman of the Lippo Group, and other dignitaries were present.

Minister Chee's speech

Minister Chee, in his address, cleverly referenced popular Xinghua dishes, emphasizing the hardworking and ambitious spirit of the Xinghua people. He commended the association's efforts to unite local immigrants and help them integrate into Singaporean society. He encouraged everyone to read the newly published "Nanyang Puxian Figures" to gain insights into the development and progress of Singaporean society.

New logo design concept

The Association, established in December 2019, aims to unite local immigrants and native Xinghua people, fostering communication, sharing experiences, and promoting traditional virtues and culture. The launch also featured the unveiling of the new logo, symbolizing the Association's commitment to cultural inheritance and Singapore's multiculturalism.

The unveiling ceremony of the New Logo

The purpose of this event is to connect with the Xinghua culture, which is a branch of Chinese culture. President Fang Zhizhong explained that the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre is envisioned by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong to be a focal point for Singaporeans to understand, participate in, and appreciate Chinese culture. President Fang recalled Prime Minister Lee's remarks at the opening of the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre in May 2017 and his National Day Rally speech this year, where he emphasized the importance of preserving cultural roots and supporting the promotion of local Chinese culture.


Speech by Mr Zhou Jiameng, Director of Publicity Division

During this event, the Association released the carefully planned "Puxian Figures in Nanyang - Singapore Volume," aiming to disseminate Xinghua culture through this book. The book introduces over fifty Xinghua people spanning different generations, from self-made entrepreneurs of the older generation to the innovative second-generation and accomplished third-generation individuals. These Xinghua people embody the spirit of perseverance and diligence. Notably, many of them actively engage in community service and contribute significantly to education and charity after achieving success in their careers. Their stories reflect the success of Singapore, a multicultural nation.


Book Unveiling Ceremony

Professor Kenneth Dean's Speech

In conjunction with the release of the "Puxian Figures," the Association organized a seminar and dialogue on Xinghua's history and culture. The main speaker was Professor Kenneth Dean, an internationally renowned expert on Xinghua's history and culture and the head of the Chinese Department at the National University of Singapore. Professor Dean, a Canadian, has conducted in-depth research on Xinghua for many years and is well-versed in its culture. He expressed hope that through lectures on Xinghua's history and culture, more people would become familiar with Xinghua and its people, spreading awareness of their culture and history. Dr. Wu Wei, a professor at the Nanyang School of Public Administration at Nanyang Technological University, moderated the dialogue between Professor Dean and Dr. Wang Shunlong, a 53-year-old who has obtained a Ph.D. and has long been dedicated to organizing Xinghua cultural materials.

During the event, President Fang Zhizhong put forward five proposals for inheriting Xinghua culture: widespread participation, emphasizing interaction, encouraging experiences, promoting local sentiment, and active transmission.


Finally, President Fang Zhizhong, on behalf of the Singapore Puxian (Hinghwa) Network, expressed the Association's commitment to connecting with Xinghua culture, contributing to Singapore's multiculturalism, and fostering harmony and cohesion in society.

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